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Fonolo has developed a software technology known as In-Call Rescue, a cloud-based solution that easily hooks into your existing call center infrastructure, with minimal impact to your business processes. When hold times are too long, customers are offered the option of receiving a call-back by pressing 1 to get a call-back from the next available agent. Calls can also be transferred to Fonolo; the customer presses 1 and the call is transferred to a dedicated SIP address in the Fonolo cloud. If your call center doesn’t support SIP trunking, transfer the call over the PSTN to a dedicated DID. If your customer hangs up, Fonolo can wait on hold by placing a call to your phone system and waiting on hold for an agent. This call can be placed to a SIP address, dedicated DID, or to your main toll-free number. There are a multitude of ways that Fonolo can work with your call center to ensure that customer service levels are always being met.
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