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Web and Support Desk Business Analyst - San Diego, CA
UnitedHealth Group
San Diego, CA
Prior Authorization Supervisor - San Diego, CA
UnitedHealth Group
Mission Valley, CA
Helpdesk Support Analyst - San Diego, CA
UnitedHealth Group
San Diego, CA
Behavioral Intake Counselor - San Diego, CA
UnitedHealth Group
San Diego, CA
States with the greatest call center job creation post Great Recession
Site Selection Group conducted an analysis of call center job creation in the United States since the official end of the Great Recession in June ... more
Site Selection Group, LLC
Customer Service Rep - Call Center
Laboratory Corporation of America
San Diego, CA
Pharmacy Customer Service Representative - Mission Valley, CA
UnitedHealth Group
Mission Valley, CA
Best Practices in Hiring and Managing Home Agents
In this complimentary webinar, you will learn how a top-five multinational outsourcer, has effectively used technology coupled with social recruiting ... ... more
HireIQ Solutions Inc.
Every Wednesday! A Step-by-step action plan for inside sales reps on how to create inbound warm leads every week by using LinkedIn, Webinars, Newsletters ... more
Call Center Benchmarking Surveys
Choose between 16 or 50 KPI surveys to provide your call center with a quick snapshot of your company compared to your industry. ... more
eGain - Customer Engagement with ‘SuperChat’
The first of it's kind solution, eGain SuperChat empowers businesses to proactively engage customers beyond text chat with unified chat, video, voice and c ... more
eGain Communications
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