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Vice President of Customer Experience
2-1-1 San Diego
San Diego, CA
Customer Service Pharmacy Clerk - Carlsbad, CA
UnitedHealth Group
Carlsbad, CA
Customer Service Supervisor- Carlsbad, CA
UnitedHealth Group
Carlsbad, CA
Customer Service Representative Job
Time Warner Cable
San Diego, CA
Look Alive, Contact Center! Deliver Stellar Customer Experiences
How do top-notch contact centers manage to deliver amazing customer experiences, time after time? They continuously improve and evolve to surpass the needs of the ... more
Every Wednesday! A Step-by-step action plan for inside sales reps on how to create inbound warm leads every week by using LinkedIn, Webinars, Newsletters & ... more
eGain Ups the Ante in Customer Engagement with ‘SuperChat’
The first of it's kind solution, eGain SuperChat empowers businesses to proactively engage customers beyond text chat with unified chat, video, voice nad cobrowse capabilities ... more
eGain Communications
Do-It-Yourself Workforce Management: For Small Contact Centers Without the Fancy Software
Most small and mid-sized contact centers don’t have the budget for WFM software and rely on switch reports and “best guess” scheduling. With a few ... more
Agent Lifecycle Webinar Recording
A successful WFO program starts with understanding the hiring process, having an awareness of all the steps necessary to effectively hire and onboard new agents ... more
HireIQ Solutions Inc.

ICMI San Diego