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The Value of Human Touchpoints Webinar
The next big thing: “Voice Marketing,” and why you need to care right now ... more
Intelemedia Communications
eGain - Customer Engagement with ‘SuperChat’
The first of it's kind solution, eGain SuperChat empowers businesses to proactively engage customers beyond text chat with unified chat, video, voice and c ... more
eGain Communications
EMS is a Premier Provider of Contact Center Outsourcing
EMS, Inc. is a full service customer contact center providing companies with scalable outsourced customer service and technical support solutions. ... more
EMS Inc.
Digital interviewing improves efficiencies in call center hiring
A million interviews has given HireIQ unique insight into the process of sourcing, screening, hiring and retaining front-line call center staff. ... more
HireIQ Solutions Inc.
Revolutionizing Contact Center Quality Management With Speech Analytics
With traditional Quality Management, it’s hard to accurately measure customer service quality. First, costs typically mean you’re working with a small samp ... more