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 Overcoming Obstacles of a Remote Workforce
If you have been on the fence about a remote workforce, now might be the time to change your perspective. You might be surprised at the rewards waiting you
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at home agentOvercoming Obstacles of a Remote Workforce

A few short decades ago handling the daily communications and operations of the workplace was completely different. Transmitting a file meant waiting on a fax to slowly transcribe an original paper document on the sender’s side to a flimsy, waxy roll of paper on the receiver’s end. If you wanted to meet with a team on the other side of the country, you booked flights, accommodations, and local transportation to get all the attendees in the same room.

The technology of the new age means near-instant file transfers and a range of technology options to communicate from almost every corner of the globe. This has created a bevy of completely new industries and job titles in 2015 alone, many of which were unthinkable even 5-10 years ago. With these developments we’ve seen the rise of the remote worker, who doesn’t need to make an office appearance to get the same work done. While embraced by many, there is still a contingent that has been hesitant to adopt this new trend, for reasons we will explore here.

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