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West Virginia Jobs

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Call Center Supervisor - (Job Number: 1500290)
Huntington, WV
States with the greatest call center job creation post Great Recession
Site Selection Group conducted an analysis of call center job creation in the United States since the official end of the Great Recession in June ... more
Site Selection Group, LLC
Look Alive, Contact Center! Deliver Stellar Customer Experiences
How do top-notch contact centers manage to deliver amazing customer experiences, time after time? ... more
The Do's and Don'ts of Web Chat - eBook
Web chat is quickly becoming the preferred communication channel for today's online consumer. ... more
Case Study - Hiring Efficiency.- innovative approaches to recruiting and hiring top talent.
Hiring and retaining exceptional customer service professionals were improved for this outsourcer after partnering with Hire IQ ... more
HireIQ Solutions Inc.
2015 Customer Experience Summit - An Online Event
Fueled by CCIQ's annual Customer Experience study and led by accomplished end-user executives and innovative marketplace thought leaders, the virtual ... ... more
Call Center IQ

ICMI - May
CRMxChange March 2015

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