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Bilingual Customer Service Representative
Hattiesburg, MS
Customer Service Representative
Hattiesburg, MS
Customer Service Representative Part-Time
Hattiesburg, MS
Call Center Location Intelligence Report- July 2016
June report on call center jobs and openings and closings of call and contact centers in the US ... more
Site Selection Group, LLC
Classroom Training for Contact Center Professionals - November 15-18, 2016 | San Diego, CA
Join us for an interactive instructor-led classroom training for contact center professionals-featuring an intimate call center training environment and pe ... more
Verint Impact 360 Speech Analytics
See how Verint's technical approach makes its Speech Analytics solution the easiest way for users to understand the drivers of issues critical to your busi ... more
Verint Systems, Inc.
Video Overview of SAS Call Center
SAS connects businesses to their customers 24 hours a day. Learn a bit about our software and our capabilities. See how outsourcing to SAS can ... more
Specialty Answering Service
Harness the Power of a Comprehensive Speech Analytics Solution
Customer interaction recordings are rich with insight on customer preferences, rising trends, competitive intelligence, and more. But the sheer number ... ... more
Verint Systems, Inc.


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