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Mississippi Jobs

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Claims Representative Associate - Ridgeland, MS
UnitedHealth Group
Ridgeland, MS
Customer Service Advocate - Ridegland, MS
UnitedHealth Group
Ridgeland, MS
Call Center Quality Assurance Certification
Participants gain an understanding of the crucial elements needed to build an effective and efficient program that meets the strategic needs of companies. ... more
SQM's 16th Annual Call Center Industry Conference
SQM's 2015 Call Center Conference is about sharing FCR research and the top 10 FCR best practices which are based on award winning call centers. ... more
NICE Presents: Interactions Conference 2015
Learn how your organization can deliver an outstanding customer experience, improve business results, and ensure compliance. ... more
States with the greatest call center job creation post Great Recession
Site Selection Group conducted an analysis of call center job creation in the United States since the official end of the Great Recession in June ... more
Site Selection Group, LLC
Look Alive, Contact Center! Deliver Stellar Customer Experiences
How do top-notch contact centers manage to deliver amazing customer experiences, time after time? ... more

ICMI - May
CRMxChange March 2015

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