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Michigan Jobs

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Customer Contact Center (C3) Workforce Analyst Aub
Auburn Hills, MI
Senior Clinical Administrative Coordinator - Southfield, MI
UnitedHealth Group
Southfield, MI
What's Happening in the Call Center Industry the next 2 weeks
Check here to find upcoming call/contact center webinars, White Papers, networking events, and articles regarding key topics and issues facing our industry ... more
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Excel in your Role and Meet your New Year's Resolution of Self-Improvement
Call Center Management on Fast Forward is the most widely read book on call center/contact center management available today. ... more
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Universal Queue for Call Centers - VIDEO
Customers are utilizing an ever widening set of channels to contact businesses. To effectively handle this inContact has developed the Universal Queue to a ... more
Call Center Benchmarking Surveys
Choose between 16 or 50 KPI surveys to provide your call center with a quick snapshot of your company compared to your industry. ... more
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Building Customer Loyalty through Increased First Contact Resolution
First contact resolution is often seen as the “Holy Grail” in customer service. However, finding the right available agent versus the first available agent ... more


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