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Better Together - CRM and Cloud - On Demand Webinar
Integrate your contact center in the cloud. In this engaging, on-demand webinar, learn how cloud-based integration with CRM can boost agent productivity, ... more
ICMI Contact Center Training Symposium dates announced for 2015
If you're a contact center professional looking to enhance your knowledge on a wide range of subjects, ICMI Training Symposiums are the place to be. ... more
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2014 Executive Report on Call Center Performance, Operations and Technology
After first revealing the profile of today’s call centers, the report investigates how organizations are measuring—and managing— call center performance. ... more
Future Contact Center Open House - Live Webinar
Learn how your peers are using innovative contact center solutions to reduce costs, boost productivity, maximize customer satisfaction and drive revenue. ... more
Call Center IQ
10th Contact Centre Summit Canada - December 2-5, 2014
Discussions about the most pressing call center challenges and opportunities including emerging technologies, virtual agents, benchmarking and analytics. ... more
Call Center IQ

ICMI Nov Conference

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