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The Future Contact Center Summit starts January 26-30 at the Omni Orlando Resort,
50 contact center executives in North America reveal their strategic investment plans emerging trends, customer needs, disruptive technologies, etc ... more
Call Center IQ
March 17 – 20, 2015 | Hard Rock Hotel San Diego
If you're a call center professional looking to enhance your knowledge, the 2015 ICMI Training Symposium is the place to be. ... more
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Every Wednesday! A Step-by-step action plan for inside sales reps on how to create inbound warm leads every week by using LinkedIn, Webinars, Newsletters ... more
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What's Happening in the Call Center Industry the next 2 weeks
Check here to find upcoming call/contact center webinars, White Papers, networking events, and articles regarding key topics and issues facing our industry ... more
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Excel in your Role and Meet your New Year's Resolution of Self-Improvement
Call Center Management on Fast Forward is the most widely read book on call center/contact center management available today. ... more
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