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Call Center Week Conference June 27 - July 1 2016, Las Vegas, NV
Call Center Week attracts top-tier professionals from across the world who represent multiple industries and functions - 48% of them are Director-level ... ... more
Call Center IQ
Blended Contact Center Solutions from Five9
Boost agent productivity by actively blending inbound and outbound interactions whether your agents are onsite, at home, or anywhere. ... more
OnDemand All Access Training from ICMI
With over 30 years of contact center training experience, ICMI offers highly interactive and highly rated contact center instruction for customer care. ... more
Call Center Classroom Training - June 21-24, 2016 |Alexandria, VA
Join us for an interactive instructor-led classroom training for contact center professionals-featuring an intimate call center training environment ... ... more
The Do's and Don'ts of Web Chat - eBook
Web chat is quickly becoming the preferred communication channel for today's online consumer. ... more


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