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Revolutionizing Contact Center Quality Management With Speech Analytics
With traditional Quality Management, it’s hard to accurately measure customer service quality. First, costs typically mean you’re working with a small samp ... more
20+ Speakers on Remote Work for Contact Centers
Join Hilton, Verizon, McKesson, Holland America Group, Progressive Insurance and others as they share their journeys of work at home for contact centers, s ... more
Customer Contact Strategies
Webinar February 16 - ICMI & Salesforce
Agent Excellence: Tips for Reducing Turnover and Improving Customer Satisfaction ... more
EmployeeAnswers - Employee Selection, Development and Retention Specialists
Providing call center hiring solutions to telesales departments to help hire, develop and retain better inside sales professionals and managers. ... more
The Do's and Don'ts of Web Chat - eBook
Web chat is quickly becoming the preferred communication channel for today's online consumer. ... more


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