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Hawaii Jobs

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Customer Service Advocate - Honolulu, HI
UnitedHealth Group
Honolulu, HI
Senior Clinical Administrative Coordinator - Honolulu, HI
UnitedHealth Group
Honolulu, HI
Provider Customer Service Representative - Honolulu, HI
UnitedHealth Group
Honolulu, HI
Check out the CR Summit Seattle - September 28-30, 2015
The Customer Response Summit Series continues to showcase first-hand, how top brands are challenging the “status quo” of traditional and emerging customer ... more
Call Center Site Selection Group Research.
142 metro areas reach full employment and the potential impact on site selection decisions ... more
Site Selection Group, LLC
ICMI Contact Center Demo & Conference - October 19-21 in Las Vegas
Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend #5 — Networking! Make lifelong connections and build resources to Optimize Today and Thrive Tomorrow ... more
AMS provides sales and service outsourcing services.
We're focused on supporting clients with High Performance/Value products through proven Concierge-level service and Pre-sales Support. ... more
Advanced Marketing Solutions
Call Center Benchmarking Surveys
Choose between 16 or 50 KPI surveys to provide your call center with a quick snapshot of your company compared to your industry. ... more


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