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Hawaii Jobs

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Manager, Utilization Management - Honolulu - Sign on Bonus
UnitedHealth Group
Honolulu, HI
Call Center Assessments - Video Overview
Seven Assessment programs on Agent Satisfaction, Technology, Outsourcing, IVR and Optimization and Due Diligence related to your call center. ... more
Blended Contact Center Solutions from Five9
Boost agent productivity by actively blending inbound and outbound interactions whether your agents are onsite, at home, or anywhere. ... more
Contact Center Insider Newsletter
The latest industry news, solutions and case studies from Industry Leader ICMI ... more
Is Your Customer Experience Delivering On Your Brand Promise?
Meet Virtual Customer® 101, your invisible customer who can experience your customer service experience first hand and give feedback on how your customer s ... more
IQ Services, Inc
Better Together - CRM and Cloud - On Demand Webinar
Integrate your contact center in the cloud. In this engaging, on-demand webinar, learn how cloud-based integration with CRM can boost agent productivity, ... more

ICMI Nov Conference

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