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Senior Case Manager (RN) - Centennial CO
Humana Inc.
Centennial, CO
Customer Service Representative - Centennial, CO
UnitedHealth Group
Centennial, CO
Customer Service Lead - Colorado Springs, CO
UnitedHealth Group
Colorado Springs, CO
Customer Service Representative - Denver, CO
UnitedHealth Group
Denver, CO
Overcoming Obstacles of a Remote Workforce
If you have been on the fence about a remote workforce, now might be the time to change your perspective. You might be surprised at ... more
Call Center Benchmarking Surveys
Choose between 16 or 50 KPI surveys to provide your call center with a quick snapshot of your company compared to your industry. ... more
Revolutionizing Contact Center Quality Management With Speech Analytics
With traditional Quality Management, it’s hard to accurately measure customer service quality. First, costs typically mean you’re working with a small samp ... more
EmployeeAnswers - Employee Selection, Development and Retention Specialists
Providing call center hiring solutions to telesales departments to help hire, develop and retain better inside sales professionals and managers. ... more
Call Center Site Selection Group Research.
142 metro areas reach full employment and the potential impact on site selection decisions ... more
Site Selection Group, LLC


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