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Columbus, Ohio Jobs

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Clinical Administrative Coordinator - Westerville, OH
UnitedHealth Group
Westerville, OH
Customer Service Advocate - Columbus, OH
UnitedHealth Group
Columbus, OH
Bilingual (Spanish/English) Customer Service Advocate - Columbus, OH
UnitedHealth Group
Columbus, OH
Supervisor - Contact Center Offline (313222-798)
Frontier Communications
Marion, OH
Online Training by the Professionals at ICMI
ICMI now offers the perfect solution to train agents in an accessible, affordable, and effective manner. Our agent training is based on 30 years of ... more
Customer Service Representative
VIPdesk Connect
Ohio - Telecommute, OH
Utilization Management Nurse (RN) - Dublin OH
Humana Inc.
Dublin, OH
EmployeeAnswers - Employee Selection, Development and Retention Specialists
Providing call center hiring solutions to telesales departments to help hire, develop and retain better inside sales professionals and managers. ... more
Digital interviewing improves efficiencies in call center hiring
A million interviews has given HireIQ unique insight into the process of sourcing, screening, hiring and retaining front-line call center staff. ... more
HireIQ Solutions Inc.
Call Center Location Intelligence Report
Site Selection Group researches call center and back office employment trends across the world. Our research evaluates labor market fluctuations by region, ... more
Site Selection Group, LLC
2014 Executive Report on Call Center Performance, Operations and Technology
After first revealing the profile of today’s call centers, the report investigates how organizations are measuring—and managing— call center performance. ... more

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